Description of the contents of the single option group CSV import file

Download the import template file first:

The content structure of the imported file is as follows:

  • The "Group Name" is the unique identifier of the group. Assign the same group name to the products in the same group.

  • If your template column is left blank, the system default template will be used, or you can specify a template for each group.

  • Product handle

  • Option Name

  • Option value

  • Swatch Color Code / Image URL

    Depending on the type of template you choose for your product group

    • If the group template is a button or dropdown type, leave it blank.

    • If the group template is a color swatch type, fill in a valid color value, such as red, #000, etc.

    • if the grouping template is an image swatch type, you can leave it blank, which means we will use the first image of the product, if you specify an image link, we will use that image.

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